Fayette County above state rate for mental disorder admissions

Fayette Greene above state rate in mental disorders admissions


3 thoughts on “Fayette County above state rate for mental disorder admissions”

  1. I’ve been telling you (collectively) for 8 years that the schools and the jails are over-medicating generations of locals (mostly males) with psychotropic drugs. Walgreens and CVS wouldn’t be here if not for the Medicaid dollars devoted to psychotropic drugs. And when these (mostly young males) are aged out of Medicaid coverage or are released from jail after months or years of being heavily medicated, with NO resources, we have absolutely, and intentionally, created generations of addicts. For profit.

  2. Fayette County is high high on drug users and abusers. This is one of the reasons why the area can’t get decent applicants for jobs. Even some of the jobs are even filled with drug users because there are no other decent applicants. And this is what makes me mad when the tax base is so high, the money going out for expenses is well over board and some of those people who are employed are being paid out of site wages for jobs not based on that pay scale. I felt for many years these problems could’ve been corrected by the powers of the county admitting to themselves that Fayette County can only progress so far and stop bleeding it dry by giving themselves over bloated salaries when the residents of the county can’t afford to keep them in their high paying jobs any more.

  3. Might be a good idea to start purging the courthouse of drunkards and addicts, as leaders are, by default, meant to be followed.

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