Fayette Co Jail – Commissioner Dave Lohr says was just talk

Hearing radio ads of Commissioner Dave Lohr has many wondering where he’s been.  Lohr wants you to re-elect him on Nov 5th. Lohr says before he took office there was only “talk” about building a new jail.  There was much more than talk and he knows it.  4 years and $4million.  The money the commissioners spent negatively impacted the county’s Moody Rating…and Lohr claims he improved the Moody Rating since taking office! Really. Lohr needs to tell the voters just how bonds, loans etc are being paid back. He also is taking credit for getting the armory site for a dollar.  Property owned by government entities are transferred between entities for a dollar. He knows it (so does Vicites). The prior administration looked at the armory site & could have gotten the site for a dollar too (read the news articles) but they didn’t want that site they wanted the site by the county airport.

Now for the MOU which Democratic Chairman George Raatay speaks about giving Vicites credit saying the labor unions will build the jail.  That MOU passed by Zapotosky/ Vicites was rescinded by Ambrosini /Zapotosky then Ambrosini/ Zapotosky passed a new MOU which sets up a Project Labor Agreement says the construction projects having an aggregate cost to the County in excess of $500,000 must go through those unions.

Last month  Westmoreland County Commissioners were hit with a lawsuit over their Project Labor Agreement and it may happen to Fayette County and other counties as well.  You can read the 3 articles here                    Lawsuits against counties

HS Herald Standard reports   Tribune-Review reports

Finally, if you want to learn more about the proposed new jail obtain a copy of Prison


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  1. Common sense says that if you spend $4,000,000 on a project that is discarded and there is nothing to show for it, the rating would take a hit. Amazing how some politicians put a spin on things that make themselves look like they have made accomplishments and sad that they get away with it because the public doesn’t have the real facts. How can they hold their heads high?

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