Blight vs Garbage Fayette County’s Quality of Life

Blight vs. Garbage –  both are problems (and please don’t tell me “it’s a problem everywhere, not just Fayette County”) so what’s the solution?   Candidates for County Commissioner and local offices tell voters how they are going to do something about blight, about garbage, about the quality of life.  During my tenure as commissioner, I’ve addressed the issue, some suggestions were met with a second vote, some met with promises, yes promises but little to no action,  to support initiatives, inmate cleanups, community service cleanups …  so the question now becomes, Candidates, Incumbent Candidates what will you do?  And after Nov 5th watch what is done after they take office in 2020.

In the meantime, this is one step the county took…  In mid 2017, through the Fayette County Redevelopment Authority, a fund was established to support the demolish of blighted properties. This Fund garnered money from increasing the cost to record a deed or mortgage by $15..yes an extra $15 on each document…and the result in one year was $94,800 RACF explanation .  In 2018 a Resolution was passed with the first selected demolition property to be the then newly acquired former Uniontown Police Station (across from the county jail) .  Now that was not my 1st choice but when the Resolution was proposed it included that site so to vote no would have been seen as me being against helping to attack blight so I voted for it and at the public meeting told the director of the RACF and my fellow commissioners that selection of future sites to be demolished needs to be openly discussed and to get input from local officials because they know their communities best.   Although, there has not been an “open” discussion I am assured that the next demolished site is the former Brownsville Hospital.

While “blight” is being addressed, albeit slow, in the meantime Local Municipalities need to address the trash being thrown in neighborhoods & kept in people’s yards, while the State needs to address the trash alongside their roadways.

Hopefully, newly elected officials will be in the majority to take action, care about the issue to openly discuss it and take action rather than just talk about how they care about or will do something about the Quality of Life in Fayette County

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