Ambrosini lies & distortions: Continues after losing the election

Former Fayette County Commissioner Al Ambrosini’s recent Letters to the editor are filled with lies and distortions.  Read both here  Herald Standard & Daily Courier

Now for the truth.

Ambrosini criticized the decision to reopen the budget. Fact: County code 1782.1 allows for the reopening of a budget. Joe Hardy and I reopened the budget in January 2004 and Ambrosini reopened it in January 2012 so why fault the reopening in January 2016? New commissioners Vicites and Lohr had that same option. It was good they exercised that option because of what was found. It was found that Ambrosini’s budget used all of Act 13 monies, used health insurance funds and moved debt service. His letter claimed there was more than a million dollars in surplus yet it was later revealed that his budget planned on taking a loan of more than $900,000. All of this information came from Sam Lynch during the meetings of the reopened budget. In fact, this newspaper reported, and I quote, “when questioned about moving funding from the debt service and insurance fund line items, Lynch explained that he was directed by the former administration to use the amounts. Zimmerlink then asked, “would it have been your advice to do so” and Lynch responded “no”.

Ambrosini accused me of an illegal act recruiting the assistance of the controllerFact: County code 1781 outlines the responsibility of the controller for the budget clearly stating that “the controller is a participant in the budget process”. The commissioners’ manual states “the controller is responsible for gathering budget information”.  The  November 9, 2015 article in the Tribune Review quotes acting controller Sidney Bush saying she hired controller-elect Scott Abraham in November 2 months before he was to take office “so he can assist with the preparation of the budget”. 

Ambrosini’s  falsely wrote that I did not attend a prison board meeting when a cost study was presented on hiring additional correction officers.  Fact:  I was present.  Later the financial consultant confirmed, as reported in a newspaper, that more than $500,000 was not in the budget to cover the salaries and benefits. Also, just two weeks ago the controller’s office presented the new board of commissioners with financial information proving Ambrosini and Zapotosky cost study numbers were inaccurate.

Ambrosini continues to criticize me on the jail issue. Fact: Ambrosini and Zapotosky held the majority votes in the commissioners’ office and  on the prison board for 4 years. They failed to accomplish their goal of building their TajMahal. My lone no vote did not stop them.  Fact: The court’s diversionary programs are working resulting in less jail capacity and less out of county rental. The monthly prison report proves it.  Ambrosini and others say I have an ill-conceived plan.  Fact: I have repeatedly said using our existing site and securing nearby buildings and sites we can address the issues. Recently, I learned of an unsolicited proposal dated February 2015 that was withheld from me and the public which proposed a 245 bed on site facility at a projected cost of $24.8 million. I can see why they withheld that information 2 months before the election.  We are learning other information on possible sites were kept from me and the public.

The remainder of Ambrosini’s letter criticized and blamed me for just about everything. The fact is Ambrosini and Zapotosky held the majority vote in the Commissioners’ Office, on the Prison Board and on the Salary Board for 4 years beginning January 1, 2012 and ending December 31, 2015. Despite having the majority votes, they failed to accomplish their biggest goal of building a 480 bed jail in the Dunbar Township Business Park.

With their majority votes, however they did in their 4 years, spend $3.5 million on their jail plans, they raised your taxes without reducing expenses and engaged in a Friends & Family Plan of hiring and awarding contracts.

We are now in 2016. I was re-elected your Commissioner. Ambrosini and Zapotosky were not.

Instead, two newly elected Commissioners join me for this 2016 Term. The new administration will try to correct the errors of the past while working towards a brighter future for Fayette County.


7 thoughts on “Ambrosini lies & distortions: Continues after losing the election

  1. Ambrosini is nothing more than a big cry baby and cannot get over that he lost the election. He can boo hoo all he wants to since nothing is going to change his attitude. He is holding a grudge and will do nothing to compensate for the fact that he is a very poor loser. He has nobody to blame for his incompetence and audacity but himself. Dictators never come out ahead of honesty and integrity and he found that out in the election. Since Commissioner Zimmerlink has been in office she has been chastised by by her opponents for being female, a member of the opposite party, more intelligent, knowledgeable, and able to outsmart their antagonistic attitudes so Ambrosini put that in your pipe and smoke it you big cry baby go back into your hideout and suck on your pacifier.

  2. Commissioner Zimmerlink continues to get re-elected because the people know they can trust her. She can continue to hold her head high because she is more intelligent and experienced than many of those with whom she has served. A woman who a few losers tried to use as a scapegoat
    who don’t have the sense to walk away gracefully. She will again help clean up yet another mess . Her capabilities afford her reputation. We all know better when the rumors make their rounds. Don’t sweat the small stuff !!

  3. I appreciate you sending the email and updating what the cry baby has been saying. Thanks to the common sense voters, he’s out and never deserved to be in. I voted for him the first time around, thinking he came with integrity, boy was I wrong. I feel that 2016 should be a much better year for this county. You are admired by all for all the work you do and the enormous dedication that you place on your job. Thank you and happy you were reelected. Too bad you can’t be cloned twice. LOL

  4. I am having a difficult time understanding why any “credible” newspaper would allow such a venomous letter by the Ambrosini! I recall O’Keefe stating that it’s up to the readers to determine fact or fiction, but giving their “guy” such a venue is beyond belief!

    Then, lyin’ Al gets on the radio for free to do more of the same. It is so obvious that Ambroschemi is permanently damaged by his loss, and has such an axe to grind against Commissioner Zimmerlink.

    I recall that Ms Bush insisted that the new Controller start asap so he can “get his feet wet” and help with the budget. Yet, I hear that he has stated that he was not allowed to do so. Gee…..wonder who told him that? AL?

    It is high time that those cronies give it up, and just put their poison pens away and move on or away, and let the County get back to business. For not much was done under the neglectful eye of Al and Zap.

    1. This is to Marybeth. The HS has never been a credible newspaper, they have never printed the truth, they have always distorted the facts and their reporters never do the research on the stories that they investigate. Whenever they publish a photo of the County Commissioners, how many times have you seen Angela’s picture printed? Their photographer always takes the pictures of the two opposing Commissioners, I just wonder if they are told by big bosses not to involve her in their photos. There is nothing credible about their newspaper. I have proven facts of this, I wanted to expose certain Township Supervisors and the photos that I sent to the newspaper for the story, their reporter in turn went to the Twp. Supervisor and showed them the photos, now would you call that credible? I think not.

  5. I’d like to draw additional attention to the scandalous actions of the two outgoing commissioners during the lame duck session – after they both had lost. It appears that they deliberately engaged in fiscally reckless actions that made a tax hike by the new commission inevitable. There was no urgent need to act on anything. It should have been left to the new commission to make any fiscal decisions. If their actions were not illegal, they should be. Both men should hang their heads in shame.

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