Zimmerlink will not seek re-election as Fayette County Commissioner

Media Release – January 18, 2019

Incumbent Fayette County Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink has announced she will not be seeking re-election. “I encourage those who will conduct county government with transparency, accountability and integrity to seek the Office of County Commissioner.” Zimmerlink said.

A Republican, Zimmerlink, was first elected in 2003 beginning her term in 2004 by serving as Commissioner Chairwoman for those four years. She was re-elected in 2007 and again in 2011 but assumed a minority role on the Board of Commissioners when Democrats won back the majority. Zimmerlink was again re-elected in 2015. Her current term will end December 31, 2019.

Prior to her appointment, Zimmerlink had a 17- year career as a paralegal in the private sector.

UPDATE: January 29, 2019.  No, I am not the longest serving commissioner. Vince Vicites served 16 years at the end of 2011 before losing but he returned so by end of Dec 2019 Vicites will have served 20 years.  Fred Lebdner may have served longer.

UPDATE:  Yes I am the only female Republican Commissioner in Fayette County.

5 thoughts on “Zimmerlink will not seek re-election as Fayette County Commissioner”

  1. It is a sad thing to see Angela go, but, when you have a fellow Republican siding with a democrat commissioner your back is against the wall. I can’t say that I blame her for not running again, the only hope that the County has now, is to have all three Commissioner seats filled by Republican candidates. That way, at least you would have a chance that one of them wouldn’t be a turncoat like Lohr is. God bless you Angela for being the best Commissioner that I have ever seen in Fayette County. If you decide to go into complete retirement enjoy, there is nothing that I have found that is greater. Closing in on twenty two years of not having to take anyone’s crap.

  2. Commissioner Zimmerlink(Angela) many many people will miss your presence in Fayette County government. You’ve been the leading shining star that always glowed in the darkest of days and kept moving on even if it was in different directions. Commissioner Zimmerlink you’ve never been afraid to stand alone and speak for the people of this county. Your direct and caring nature will never be forgotten in the minds and hearts of those people who couldn’t speak for themselves, but you were the one who did so. Good luck and may G d shine his blessings upon your life and any endeavors you may pursue in the future.

  3. It is no surprise to me of Commissioner Zimmerlink’s decision not to seek re-election. When you have to work with a sitting democrat and a turncoat republican of which both dislike you, especially if you are a female the macho men want the full power. I feel that there should be some republican women out there that would join forces and run for the office of County commissioner to unseat these two renegade macho male idiots. I would even enjoy seeing these women in office regardless of their political affiliation. Come on ladies get your big brooms out and sweep out the trash in the Court House.

  4. We are really said to see you go Angela you have done allot for the county and will be greatly missed. Hope all the best for you in your future endeavours.

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