“it’s everywhere…politicians say and that’s an excuse

Drugs, Litter, Blight, Crime, Unemployment, ………………”it’s everywhere  the POLITICIANS say.  No , it is not everywhere. Try leaving Fayette County and see how others live, work, play.

This is an excerpt from the Herald Standard newspaper editorial. “Drugs, “have just overwhelmed the criminal activity.”
He called it a crisis — not just one related to the oft-mentioned opioid epidemic, but all drugs. Our county is an incredible place — to live, to work, to make a life and raise a family.There are 0verwhelmingly good people here. We are protected by dedicated emergency responders. Our state and local police forces are staffed by officers who take their jobs seriously and put their lives on the line daily on our behalves. We have elected officials across state, county and municipal governments who continue to try and improve our county image, revitalize our communities and prioritize the interests and well-being of those who choose to live their lives here.
We must do our parts now by being vigilant citizens, reporting the things we see that are amiss and encouraging those who need help to get it.

Now, this is what I have heard and lived for 16 years  as a County Commissioner, (an elected official not a politician……. too many law abiding productive Fayette County citizens who work for a living and pay taxes are fed up. We call police, We call drug task force. They call their elected officials. What do we hear? “its everywhere”. No……. it is not everywhere. We need enforcement,

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