First Amendment under attack – Facebook Fayette Co

I am concerned, and you should be too, about yesterday Fayette County Commissioner “take over” of a Facebook page because they believe the content was “disturbing” and should be “monitored” and “sanctioned”.

This is what occurred. The commissioners were informed by its PR entity (Redstone Foundation/Fayette Chamber of Commerce) that they saw a Facebook page they say had disturbing content. They said an investigation showed that the page was “self generated” by posters signing into a “location” . It was suggested that the commissioners take over the page and that the “commissioners office” approve or disapprove content and posts.

Commissioner Lohr agreed and said to take it over and make it positive. He said he was told about the page by the county’s IT dept (Ford Business Machines). Commissioner Vicites apparently agreed because it takes 2 “votes”

In a 4 hour time frame the page was taken over and will be “sanctioned” and monitored”. In this short period of time I was able to view Facebook. I saw nothing “disturbing”. I saw free speech. What is disturbing is the attack of the First Amendment by 2 Fayette County Commissioners in the name of “positive PR”.

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  1. Lohr and Vicites remind me of that german guy with a mustache who tried to rule the world and wound up pushing up daisies. It looks to me like they want to turn Fayette County into another germany. I wonder if those two get the local newspaper to see who will be their opposition in the upcoming elections. Since Commissioner Zimmerlink isn’t going to seek reelection lohr might be shaking in his shoes and that goes for vicites there is competition for both of those two it’s time to drain the swamp!

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