Update to Airport Dirt – let’s not attack Commissioner Candidates

Yesterday 3/11/19 Mr. Cabral called me. He said he was not interested in the option of a tax write-off as written on Commissioner letterhead. He said he believed in transparency & a level playing field. He said the airport authority may be issuing a public advertisement seeking sealed proposals. He said while the cost of the dirt/slag may not be an issue there is cost to load and transfer the dirt/slag .  As I said before, I thank this company (and any other company) for thinking of Fayette County.

I learned that there was an early November meeting attended by Commissioner Vicites, Commissioner Lohr, the airport consultant, Patty Yauger representing former Cong Shuster, John Frick, representing Sen Toomey, Mr. Cabral, airport management and/or board members and others. So why 2 and not 3 commissioners? Fayette Co is represented by 3 commissioners. If they were fearful of a violation of the Sunshine Act that occurs when a majority (2) have a pre-arranged meeting (they did) for the purpose of discussing an issue that later would be voted upon. So if this will not come before the Board of Commissioners there would be no violation so what is the reason to exclude the duly elected commissioner? The Airport Authority is appointed by 3 commissioners and represents the interests of the public..it is the Public’s Tax Dollars that helps to keep that airport afloat.
I will obtain any minutes or notes taken at this “exclusive meeting” and any subsequent airport minutes. I will remind the chief county solicitor to not author a letter using commissioners letterhead without informing all 3 commissioners, after all he too is paid by county tax dollars. As for the airport authority board members, consultant, and others to exclude a duly elected commissioner from an important meeting…no I wont waste my time in talking to them about it…….

And finally to Commissioner candidate Dave Lohr and Commissioner candidate Vince Vicites seeking re-election… the voters will surely see through any attempts to blame or tarnish those candidates seeking your seat so whether it is you or your political minions no need to take your shots. It is pitiful enough that you do so to me please don’t do it to those seeking to serve as Commissioners.

2 thoughts on “Update to Airport Dirt – let’s not attack Commissioner Candidates”

  1. Crooked politicians in Fayette County never cease to amaze me. This two against one has been going on for years and will probably never stop if the people keep electing a bunch of jerks and butt kissers into office because they seem to think that they will work for the good of the County. A lot of it boils down to the male ego as what is taking place today. They want to go back to the era when women were not allowed to vote, now, the attitude is women aren’t able to govern as well as men, a lot of BS in my books. If the voters in Fayette County keep following that type of attitude this County will go down the tubes and never recover. I have been around for a lot of years and the only County Commissioner that I have ever seen to stand up for the County and it’s people is Commissioner Zimmerlink.

  2. This board has been in violation of a lot of issues for a bit of time mow. No published listing of meetings, no published accounting of the money, no accounting of grants, no formal anything on bids and there are things that have been done. No following of historical guidelines for several buildings. It is a pity that I had to wait to say anything but the airport needs a good pair of eyes looking at it. Keep in mind that they can make it miserable for some people.

    Why is the paper no longer covering the meetings, is it because the slant is wrong when placed in correctly?

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