3/16/19 Airport dirt update

As requested this is the Executive Summary . Later, I will upload the Nov Daily Courier article & the Nov Public Meeting Airport Minutes which refers to their non-public meeting.

Also, I will upload letters of support & requests for state & federal funding signed by us 3 commissioners. Many of you know that we authorize funding of airport projects using County tax dollars. I will work on compiling that list. Finally, any documents signed by us 3 commissioners concerning the “dirt”(often they hold meetings or have their closed door conversations then they prepare a letter seeking my signature which if I withhold signature they say I am not “working with them”

I hope a new BOC is inclusive of all 3 and transparent ….   …. . If commissioner candidate/incumbent Dave Lohr has independently sought dirt which he keeps referring to as he seeks re-election he can answer those questions directly to the voters.

2 thoughts on “3/16/19 Airport dirt update”

  1. The Airport, is a mom and pop, consistently negative revenue, business disguised as an Airport Authority.
    The “non public” meeting is a standard operating practice designed to deceive, conceal, and make decisions behind closed doors.
    Who are the Air Transportation and Facilities Consultants? No web site to be found. Don’t be surprised if the group is composed of local airport cronies.
    The funding for this “study” is worth looking into. Initially, per current engineer, Hardy was providing $10,000 to initiate yet another study. Then, per current engineer, the Airport needed to secure a loan. Would be interesting to know who signed off on the loan.
    The FAA and Pa Dot provide excellent guidance for Airport expansion i.e.. runway extensions. They provide a required sequence of events that must be satisfied long before the ‘obtain free dirt” phase of construction.
    A copy of the mandatory Benefit Cost Analysis would be useful to determine the economics of runway extension and is a prerequisite prior to FAA / Pa Dot approval. Where is that Analysis?

    (BLOGGER addition John Cofchin is a former board member of the Airport Authority)(His comment and perspective were unsolicited but very much welcomed)

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