Campaign contributions – Pay to Play

Not every campaign contribution given has strings attached…but some do.  Some GOP Commissioner candidates in Westmoreland Co took steps to curtail Pay to Play scenarios pledging to refuse campaign contributions from those tied to  No Bid Contracts    Harrisburg sets the rules for counties  when entering into contracts using the sealed bid process, requests for proposals & requests for qualifications. In some instances, contracts can be approved without looking for the lowest cost.  This occurs when seeking “professional services” defined as accounts, attorneys, etc.  Some who do go through a public process securing a multi-year contract for whatever reason need to make campaign contributions.

I believe it is best to seek  the lowest cost and best service rather than choosing a firm because you received a campaign contribution.   My suggestion don’t ask for or accept such a contribution.

See the filed reports for when Vicites and Lohr sought office for the 2016 Term.  You don’t see mine because I did not accept campaign contributions.


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