WMBS radio talk show host Inaccurate and Biased

RUSS RHODES WMBS radio talk show host spoke today about the 3 sitting commissioners praising the other 2 while taking jabs at me. Rhodes inaccurately said that I do not support getting Grants for our County (Resolutions, Signatures on grants, row officers & staff can prove otherwise). Rhodes also said that I was not business friendly saying I don’t work with companies concerning regulations (what the heck is he talking about) Rhodes also said that there have been lawsuits against me but fails to mention the numerous suits /claims naming Judges, Row Officers, Commissioners and the County.

That is very convenient for Russ Rhodes to take an approach favorable to the 2 seated commissioners given that Russ’s wife is employed by the county as Lohr’s assistant… Oh sorry not assistant she and Vicites assistant both recently got a title change from assistant to Chief of Staff that came with a $2200 raise each. When Russ Rhodes talks about the commissioners and Lohr as a commissioner candidate listeners know that he certainly is biased…..let alone inaccurate.

Hoping that voters elect 3 new people to fill the 3 seats of commissioners.

3 thoughts on “WMBS radio talk show host Inaccurate and Biased”

  1. “Chief if Staff” ???? Gimmie a break. How egotistical and foolish! Totally obsessed with themselves and benefactors .

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