Christmas Tree Recycling – 3rd time a charm ?

See article on the benefits of Christmas tree recycling

For the 2017 year I made arrangements for this to happen for Fayette County but when I sent it on to the other 2 commissioners (Vicites/Lohr) they would not agree. Commissioner Lohr, at first, wrote back saying ok then 2 hours later wrote back saying he changed his mind. Commissioner Vicites would not agree with me at the onset. I tried again for 2018. Nothing. So I will attempt this one more time for 2019. Lets see if the 3rd time is a charm. If not, hopefully a New Board of Commissioners come 2020 will consider my suggestion and do as I’ve always done which is ….”Make decisions for the right reasons & in the best interest of the County”

Other county’s do this yet Fayette does not. See Westmoreland County & Washington County

One thought on “Christmas Tree Recycling – 3rd time a charm ?”

  1. Can’t have Christmas Tree Recycling in Fayette County when you have two grinchs in opposition. I think that it is about time for the County to have three women in charge. They are the ones that know how to clean house and get rid of the cockroaches.

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