Politicking in the courthouse

Politicking in the courthouse. Westmoreland County Commissioners revised their policy. Fayette County could and should but it would be a waste of time because those who write & vote on the policy are the violators and others follow.
In late 2007 (before the commissioner election I raised the issue and it was ignored – commissioners in office at the time were me, Vicites and Zapotosky) Believe it or not there was to my knowledge no politicking in 2011 (commissioners in office were me, Zapotosky & Ambrosini) …. is it happening now? Absolutely.

One thought on “Politicking in the courthouse”

  1. I firmly believe that Westmoreland County did the right thing. Too bad that this couldn’t take place in the den of inequity in Fayette County. Maybe we should get the Pied Piper to go to the Courthouse and play his merry tune thus the naysayers would follow him out of the Court house out to the street and on to Redstone Creek.

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