New Voting Systems Fayette County PA

Update 4/9/19 –

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, GREENE COUNTY reports new voting machines for next month election (May 2019).

WESTMORELAND COUNTY reports anticipating using new machines this November 2019.

WASHINGTON COUNTY reports they are preparing to purchase soon.

Update: 4/5/19 – in response to inquiries on why counties must purchase new voting systems

Fayette County hasn’t even begun public demonstrations

Our Fayette County election director began urging us 3 commissioners, the budget consultant and budget staff since 2016 to get prepared financially. I agreed but I am one commissioner. I urged onsite demonstrations but the other 2 commissioners said they’ve viewed systems while at conferences. Well so did I but we still should hold demonstrations for the voters and get their input as well. Many others counties have done this already. So the best that I can now do since the other 2 commissioners are not on the election board since they are on the ballot is to get demonstrations scheduled in June then selection can be made and systems purchased. We are told that systems need to be purchased by December 31, 2019 but our county solicitor says systems just need to be “selected” by December 31.

Commissioner Vicites, after a commissioners meeting, said to me that if I was on the ballot I too would not want new machines and instead would want to wait to use the new system for the Presidential Primary. Anyone who knows me knows that not to be true because first I don’t make political decisions and second it only makes sense to have the new systems initially used before the Presidential election to allow for any issues to be resolved. Again, I am one commissioner.


2 thoughts on “New Voting Systems Fayette County PA”

  1. Why do we need electronic marking machines to print out a ballot which is then fed into a counting machine. WHY NOT JUST GO TO ALL PAPER? And update the scanner/counting machine and save a ton of money? As
    someone who works the polls- Paper is so easy! Why complicate it?

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