Litter in Fayette County should be a concern to everyone

Every year the Great American Clean Up of PA begins March 1 through May 31 and if you register your event you can receive free cleanup supplies such as bags, gloves and vests provided by Penn DOT, DEP and Keep America Beautiful.

Also Pick It Up PA begins April 13 through May 6th sponsored by DEP, PA Waste Industries and participating landfills and if you register your event you have access to a reduced or free disposal.

For both events visit or call either 1-877-772-3673 ext 113 or 724-836-4121 ext 113. If you do have an event planned let others know by contacting your local newspaper, the bulletin board on WMBS radio, Facebook and call me at 724-984-5761 so I can get the word out. But as you know you do not have to register your event you can just help pick up the litter and either contact your local municipality for pick up or set it out with your weekly garbage.

It is costly to have Penn DOT clean up state roads, county staff cleans our parks and properties and local townships, boroughs and cities clean up their roadways. All could be doing other things instead of picking up the litter thrown by others. Fayette County has several churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, boy scouts and others who volunteer their time in picking up the litter. In my area, a local church cleans the roadway twice a year. In between that timeframe, my husband and I pick up the litter only to see it thrown the next day.

Litter impacts our streams, lakes and rivers. We want people to stay in Fayette County but who wants to live in a community with garbage and litter everywhere you look. Litter certainly does not look very good to those visiting our tourist attractions or to businesses considering Fayette County. I hear elected officials say oh its everywhere as if that is the excuse. You cannot talk about how great it is to live in Fayette County or talk about how important it is to be positive about Fayette County while ignoring what is right in front of you.

Litter effects everyone. Please pick it up in front of your homes, businesses and roadways. Perhaps candidates and their people can clean up the area before they put their signs out. Perhaps local and state police can show a presence. No doubt that helps and as they pull drivers over for speeding, going down local one way streets and littering more often than not they will find drugs and open beer cans. If you see people litter call your local officials or police.

The litter law makes it a summary offense of up to $300 with a requirement to pick up litter for 5-30 hours and up to 90 days of jail time. I am convinced that enforcement is the answer.

3 thoughts on “Litter in Fayette County should be a concern to everyone”

  1. The problem with the littering in Fayette County and the state in its entirety, who is enforcing the litter laws? In South Union Township there are code enforcement officers that do nothing but ride around through the areas without doing anything about the littering. There are people in the township that throw trash in their own yards that when the wind blows, it is deposited in the neighbors yards and they could care less. What it all amounts to, is we have nothing but a bunch of lazy good for nothings in our County and State that do the littering and there is no one that is enforcing the litter laws. I do not think that when someone is caught littering, they should not get a warning, but, they should be fined even if it is a first offense. If they are caught throwing litter from their vehicle they should lose their license for two months regardless of what the throw out the vehicle window, even cigarette butts of which can be seen everywhere you look, that of which can attribute to causing a grass or forest fire.

    1. Fined for littering on a first offense, when you stated that litter blows over into peoples yards? The length to which you would have to go to prove exactly who dropped the litter that blew into someone’s yard is well, nearly impossible from reasonable standpoint. I agree code enforcement needs to be addressed in ALL townships and litter needs addressed on a much grander scale than just micromanaging litter blowing into people’s yards- although, I agree, that’s inconsiderate. Not to mention, very rarely are ppl littering actually caught by law enforcement.

      The county has a poor recycling system and has for a long time. Are schools emphasizing the importance of this and starting kids at an early age, to better understand the importance? If that seems silly to suggest, I recycle because of the impact a project I did in second grade had on me.

      Also- to what degree is the South Union Township police responsible for code enforcement ( something I need to look into/learn about and a good question for those who are frustrated)? At the end of the day, their bosses are overseeing their work and if it’s not being done properly, that’s an issue they need to address and see to it that it doesn’t continue. –

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