Appealing your property taxes – Fayette County PA

I’ve been contacted about the publication of a legal notice for upcoming tax assessment appeal hearings. The discussions included the process, if property owners have been successful, the cost to the county and even the re-election page of Commissioner Vince Vicites citing himself as the point-person bringing in Duke Energy and their victory in their tax assessment appeal after their 13 year KOZ expired.

How to appeal ?  Go to this link

Is it worth it?  If you truly believe the county  erred then yes.

Have property owners been successful? Yes. 3 major refunds were National Envelope, Uniontown Walmart and Duke Energy.  As you may recall, in 2003 the then commissioners (Vicites, Cavanagh, Nehls)  announced Duke Energy’s investment, the company’s 13 year KOZ and the 18 full-time jobs.  Then 12 years later in 2015, Duke Energy was purchased by a Houston based company Dynegy Inc and announced they increased from 18 to 21 full-time jobs.  (it was brought to my attention that Vicites re-election website he claims the creation & retention of more than 8,000 jobs during his 20 years in office)

When the KOZ ended and the county assessed the plant, Duke Energy appealed and won its appeal   All 3 taxing bodies agreed to pay Duke Energy (now Dynegy Inc) in a multi-year payment plan.  Although we were not in office in 2003 when Duke Energy received the KOZ , Commissioners Zimmerlink, Zapotosky, Ambrosini were tasked with dealing with this appeal & Duke Energy repayment plan.

I am thankful that Duke Energy has remained in Fayette County.  I do not agree with selective tax breaks such as KOZ . I do believe the new Opportunity Zones are a better fit.

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