Vicites Lohr puts re-election before Public Safety

Fayette friends,
Tonight I attended the town hall meeting in the mountains regarding the closure of an ambulance station. It was very informative on what the concerns are for why it may be necessary.

One thing that stood out was the lies pushed by our current elected Commissioners running for re-election. Several weeks ago, I stood in front of a room of people at the Fayette County Firemen’s Association and spoke about using LSA money from the casino and collaboration with state legislators to assist fire departments, EMS, and law enforcement. Tonight, Vicites and Lohr spoke about using Act 13 money which comes from drilling tax and Act 71 LSA money from the casino to fix the shortcomings. This is the solution my campaign has proposed for weeks. Vicites spoke as if this was a new thing and he would find it in his power to fix the problem.
Act 71 LSAs started in 2015 and since Lohr/Vicites got elected they have neglected networking with Fayette EMS or fire departments to get them this money. Nearly FOUR years. This is sad folks and we cannot allow politics in Fayette to go on as usual. Most years the money the county can vote to be distributed through the Fayette County Redevelopment Authority is $500,000+. The Act 13 money is approximately $1,000,000. About $800,000 is obligated, and that leaves around $200,000 to be used for the purpose the commissioners vote on unless earmarked. The Fayette EMS needs about $140,000 to keep the station open in the mountains. Here is the solution, and for four years these two commissioners sat by and allowed this situation to get to the breaking point of closure. If closed, response times in limited cases can range up to an hour for medical assistance. This is unacceptable.

Fayette EMS claimed tonight they met with Commissioner Lohr and Vicites prior to the meeting individually. It has been brought to my attention that originally it was meant to be a meeting between the THREE elected commissioners. Once again dirty back-door politics by Lohr and Vicites were at play and Zimmerlink who may have had the solutions was unable to even voice them.

Lastly, the attention was pushed off by current county leadership at the meeting, and pushed towards Rep. Dowling. The real finger pointing and questioning should be directed at Lohr/Vicites. We have been made aware that there has never been a vote or conversation at the commissioner meetings to get these funds to the struggling Fayette EMS in FOUR years.
Some of this LSA money spent in 2017 NOT used to help ambulance/fire services was spent on fixing a hangar door at the Connellsville Airport. That project costed the LSA $120,000. Was Lohr and Vicite’s friends at the airport more important than their constituents in the mountains?
We must RECLAIM Fayette on May 21, 2019. We must put Fayette FIRST again over ego and politics. If you elect me as your county commissioner, I will use these funds to protect and serve the citizens of Fayette County. You have my word. God bless
Jacob Ely
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