How Vicites & Lohr spends your tax $$$

Last week a FACT bus was stopped at a red light. I noticed something odd so I took a cellphone picture because I could not believe my eyes.  This is what I learned. Commissioners Vicites and Lohr instructed the FACT office to place the verbiage on the bus.  Vicites apparently said that neighboring counties do this, however, upon checking with neighboring counties that is not true.  And regardless, even if neighboring counties did that still would not make it right. Maybe that’s way those Commissioners in those counties didn’t do it!!!   FACT had the verbiage put on the bus this past January 2019 using money from the county general fund. Our tax dollars. County tax $ should not be used as a PR for commissioners. I was not asked about doing this most likely because they knew I would not agree. The Board of Commissioners (and they specifically put our names) did not fund the bus. The taxpayers of Fayette County funds the bus. It is unethical and fiscally irresponsible to use county tax $ in this manner.

Did you mail Christmas cards this year or last? Have you decreased your list because of the rising postage? Well Commissioner Dave Lohr, a self-exclaimed fiscally conservative true Republican mailed cards using the county Pitney Bowes postage machine, postage cost, county paid labels, and county staff to process the mail in order to send his Christmas cards. I inquired about this when it occurred and he failed to respond. I reminded him yearly not to do this. I also asked for him to repay the county general fund however I have seen no refund.  Commissioner Lohr also attempted to process a requisition for reimbursement for parade candy awhile back to which I wrote on the requisition NO. I did not see a reimbursement to him so perhaps he at least realized he and not county taxpayers should pay for the candy that he tosses to children at parades.

Have you noticed the campaign picture of Commissioner Vicites? It was taken in his office by a county employee who worked at an agency which receives state funds ( I am confirming whether we give county $ to that agency as well). When this employee came to the commissioners office with camera in hand I inquired why the employee was here. I was told by the employee “to take Commissioner Vicites picture”. A few days later Vicites’ new photo was uploaded to his Re-elect Face Book page and you see it on his billboards.  I am investigating if the employee was on own time, own camera etc.   Vicites also should not have been doing campaign activities in his commissioner office.

And finally, recently an internal decision was made by 2 commissioners to pay for bereavement flowers etc for county staff from the county general fund.  At times, the card reads, condolences from the Commissioners Office.  We as Commissioners should reach into our pockets to pay for flowers not reach into the county taxpayers pockets.


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