UPDATE: Pay to Play – campaign contributions

UPDATE30 days post election

Candidates are required to file reports post 30 days.  See these reports.  My only comment is that prior to the Primary Magellen HealthCare sent an email asking to meet and asked for commissioners profile be sent to them prior to the meeting. When I inquired as to the reason for the meeting and why they wanted a profile the company then told me (in an email) that it was an error and they only had the meeting set up with Lohr/Vicites at the courthouse. I removed it from my calendar and when a copy of their company folder/info was placed next to my door on the floor I threw it away.  Yes I threw it away.  If the county is interested in changing healthcare then a RFP should be done and commissioners should not be meeting with potential vendors prior to any RFP.  Perhaps this company will become a vendor of the county.  Click

We all know about campaign contributions. I accepted one in 16 years. My father-in-law contributed $1,000.   Many offered and some even sent money but I kindly thanked them and returned it. My husband and I used our own money.

I am not saying that every person giving a contribution wants something in return.  I am not saying that every candidate who accepts money gives a favor in return. I am saying that I have seen first hand how some contributions become a Pay to Play.

The first campaign reports were filed.  Some candidates hold back and report additional contributions after the election .  I have seen the reports I just didn’t upload them here.

$250 Rittenhouse County Insurance vendor
$1000 Salvo PAC Lobbyist -county pays Redevel Auth who pays Salvo
$500 Kimball County Jail possible architect vendor for new jail
$250 Lynch County Financial consultant vendor (or his son)
$500 Sefchock County health insurance vendor
$500 McMillen County engineer vendor
$500 Mucci construction
$300 Cimini Lawfirm providing HR services
$5000 Jones Greene Treatment Center (see Fact post & read Rants&Raves blog)
$500 Over County engineer vendor
$300 Holt county airport board member
$1439.69 Breakiron County board member  (in kind contribution)
$5000 Hardy Hardy was given a visitor center & wants a bigger one
$150 Neckerhauer Airport board member
$150 Zalar Greene Treatment Center
$300 Kimball possible architect vendor for new jail
$500 Salvo PAC Lobbyist -county pays Redevel Auth who pays Salvo
$300 Rittenhouse county insurance vendor
$600 Mucci construction
$1000 Sefchock county health insurance vendor
$300 Shawn Pilla Ambrosini relative; LSA recipient
$300 Cimini Lawfirm providing HR services
$600 McMillen county engineer vendor
$500 Over county engineer vendor
$1000 Garlow Ford Business Machines ( printer & IT county vendor)
$450 Lynch/Susquehanna county financial consultant (watch for future post)
$150 Purcell county solicitor
$150 Bortz board member
$100 Joseph board member
$150 Ciezynski board member
$150 Ciarrochi board member
$100 Hajek tax assessment appeal board member
$250 Maher airport board member
$300 Holt airport board member
$5000 Hardy  Hardy was given a visitor center & wants a bigger one

Vicites reported expenses from his campaign account. This list is not inclusive but interesting.   $130 to William Arnold  who is director of county bridge dept. Vicites listed it as a donation. I know Bill has in the past put up signs for Vicites. Bill assured me years ago that he does not do this on county time and I believe him. Vicites also listed giving a $50 donation from his campaign funds to Jill Frinzi. Jill is a county employee who recently had a  public fundraiser held for personal issue.  Vicites also listed giving a $30 donation to the NRA paid for from his campaign funds.   So why didn’t Vicites pay for these out of his own pocket rather than listing them as a campaign expense?  Just asking.

As far as Lohr goes he certainly changed his mind on taking $ from Joe Hardy. Read this . https://fayettepatchhunky.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-harry-albert.html




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  1. Commissioner, I see you did not post that Elise Glad received a donation of $5000 from The Hardy family. Why didn’t you have Elise Glad donation listed on this post?

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