Nearly $1 million of county tax dollars paid to the financial consultant

When I took office in 2004 this same financial consultant (just under a different name) was under contract with Fayette County. Don’t get me wrong he is a pleasant individual and he knows government accounting practices & the county’s budgets. He should given 17  years plus.  He prepared the budgets for those years with the exception of one year. He also prepared the financial statements for those years.

Since taking office in 2016 Vicites & Lohr have paid $977,601.43 so far and there is still 8 months to go for 2019. (as of the 4/30/19 invoice) There is no explanation that should be accepted by the taxpayers. 

The General Fund Budget did not put this amount in a line item for these services. Vicites response to requests for money from departments during the year is that “it was not budgeted” and Lohr rubber stamps this.  The times that both conveniently forget amount the budget is when they gave their assistants each a $2,300 raise before the Primary election and when giving money to Susquehanna.  Since the money was not budgeted in the specific line item where did the funds come from ?  Both Vicites and Lohr said their budgets are tight.

The 4 year term  of (Ambrosini, Zapotosky, Zimmerlink)  $176,453.98 was paid.

4 years under one administration it was $176,453.48 and under another administration 3 years 4 months $977,601.43 and no one in the courthouse but me questions this?


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