Appeal Your Property Tax Deadline August 1st

Today you saw the legal notice in the newspaper from the county Tax Assessment Office about appealing the assessed value of your real estate. You ask me whether it is worth filing an appeal? That is your decision and if you do I suggest that you follow the procedure, be prepared by comparing similar properties and file timely. Questions regarding this needs to be directed to 724-430-1350 or at this link

Some have inquired about appeals. Below are a few more significant appeals filed in the last 4 years of which some are pending for court dates while some were granted.

Duke Energy
The county is on a repayment plan with Duke Energy with the County paying Duke Energy on a 4 annual payment of about $94,000 each year with the final year of about $73,000 (total county refund about $448,000) (this does not include what the school and township repays Duke Energy)

National Envelope – County refunded them

Uniontown Hospital
Highlands Hospital (former Cville School)

Yogi Bear Park
Joel 2 Mission (former Bville School)
CRH Catering (former Cville Bldg)
Wayne Long (former Coolspring St apts/North LHighlands School)

Hilton Garden Inn
Fairfield Inn

Uniontown Mall
Home Depo
WalMart (Cville)
WalMart (Dunbar Twp)
Super WalMart (Uniontown)



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