Lack of Accountability Ethics Morals Professionalism in the Fayette County Government Workplace

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Should county employees on county time using county equipment be accessing these websites? No.

Do these activities fall under a job description? No.

What about late arrivals, early departures, lunch at your desk then take a lunch hour, “comp time”, using county vehicles for personal use and the list goes on.

For those of you who work in the private sector would you get away with this? No.

When you go to work do you work?

Don’t get me wrong we have many county employees who are professional, dedicated, ethical and perform the duties for which they were hired and for which they receive a paycheck and benefits. However, there are some who “show up for work” but spend most of their day using their cell phone, chatting with co-workers or using county equipment for their personal and or political reasons.

Attempts to stop this behavior and attempts for investigation are met with claims of a hostile workplace and harassment because of their gender or political affiliation.

No one cares if you are a male, a female, a Democrat, Republican, friend, relative or whatever….. You can file claims against Fayette County, me and others but when you do or as you claim progresses it will be interesting to hear your explanation of your online activities and other misuses of county time and equipment. It will also be interesting to hear the excuses from those who refuse to investigate and to hold employees accountable.

3 thoughts on “Lack of Accountability Ethics Morals Professionalism in the Fayette County Government Workplace”

  1. This practice not only goes on in a political den of inequity but also goes on in the federal employment field, there are slouches, dead beats, lazy good for nothings in all fields of employment. There is a lack of closer supervision whether it be in private or government employment. Most if not all supervision is lacking in all areas of employment, but, it is far greater in the government fields of employment that is where you will find the most of the deadbeats. The reason is that the people keep voting in the lame brained politicians who in turn hire their political crony friends or relatives to fill positions that they are not qualified for but, voted for them because they were promised a job or donated to their campaign.

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