County computer crash Coincidence?


On Tues, July 2  – I posted the Lack of Accountability post and this is what followed……………

Wed, July 3 – no computer problems experienced or reported
Thurs, July 4 – courthouse closed
Fri, July 5, – no computer problems experienced or reported
Sat, July 6 – courthouse closed
Sun, July 7 – courthouse closed
Mon, July 8 – @ 8:30 am reported computer wont’ start; computer removed
Tues, July 9 – computer returned with a new hard drive

Removing hard drives from any county computer does not erase its activity. Hard drives & computers are not permitted to be destroyed, erased, etc. without authorization per county disposition & destruction policy.  I will be checking to make certain that this has been followed in all the offices.

Coincidence that the computer’s hard drive crashed after I wrote the July 2   post ?  The hard drive was then removed !

As I’ve said before, when I post I have the documents etc. to back up my posts so removing hard drives, erasing history, deleting etc. will not matter.  What does matter is their refusal to investigate to stop the behavior.   Again, I do not bring this up because of county staffs  gender, political affiliation or political connections.





One thought on “County computer crash Coincidence?”

  1. OMG!!! Crazy! And I bet you are the only one who cares. So that means good ole Ford Buisiness Machines most likely are involved.

    Wow….just wow. Unbelievable. But hey, it’s prob. The dirty Dems of fayco hard at work.

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