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  1. My God. It continues. Wow….so Ambrischemi’s airport dream continued via Lohr! Airport Overlay, ey? Gee ..that was a hot topic over 4 years ago when the “Obstructionists”were a strong and vocal force.

    Does anyone even know how many planes utilize that playground for the “gang” weekly? Or how many hangars are rented, other than a few members of that gang?

    Bets are on now as who the new Ass’t will be. My money’s on Gigi! He’s great with computer hacking.

    Disgusting and sad news Comm. Zimmerlink.

  2. While going through the latest property listings for delinquent taxes it seems that those owing are possibly in the millions of dollars. The tax laws need to be changed so that those that owe back taxes are given an ultimatum to pay up in a certain period or have their property sold immediately. Where are those big headed politicians in Harrisburg hiding when those listings are posted. A person would think that they would get their big fat heads together and change the tax laws that are circa 1947. People agree to go into a payment plan and lo and behold they stop making payments. Go after those that owe thousands of dollars whose name are listed year after year. I just wonder why school districts keep raising property taxes on those that pay their taxes year after year that are burdened by those that shirk their duties as citizens who do not pay their taxes. So, if any of you Harrisburg political honchos read my comments, get up off your lazy butts and go after the ones that are not paying and change the tax laws to get some relief for those like us that pay for those that refuse.

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