Fayettte County needs Rural Broadband & improved Internet

Don’t be fooled. Commissioners Vicites & Lohr want you to believe they will bring this to Fayette County. They need and want your vote. They will not deliver because they cannot deliver.

Harrisburg can and should get Fayette County Rural Broadband & Improved Internet.

Attend the event.  https://www.facebook.com/events/744609825995044/

2 thoughts on “Fayettte County needs Rural Broadband & improved Internet”

  1. Amen to getting a better broadband in Fayette County, but I wouldn’t hold my breath because I’d probably die or pass out! I’ve been squabbling about our disastrous cable systems in this county forever. They want your money, but don’t want to return nothing. Angela, please don’t leave; you’re the only commissioner who has ever made ‘Fayette Counties Holy Thous’ accountable, or at least exposed. After all what are you going to do at home, except womanly chores, too boring for you. Be a winner an stay!

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