Fayette County Jail Can & Should Purchase Body Scanner

For years, yes years, I have advocated implementing inmate work programs (as required) but it was met with excuses. The excuses included they could not prevent contraband from entering the jail. When I said to do the body search that was met with we have no place to do it. When I said to purchase a scanner that was met with we have no money.

My opinion? All excuses, not reasons. Eligible inmates should be in the community doing work not sitting in a cell and visitors should be better searched.

Read what Washington County has done search .   One of the first conversations I had with Fayette County’s new warden, both one on one and at the Prison Board Meetings was this subject.  This is the latest June prison board meeting

The Warden has started the process of obtaining information and it is on the August Prison Board Agenda for our meeting tomorrow Wed, August 28th……………which I learned this morning was canceled due to a lack of quorum as per the legal ad in today’s newspaper.

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