Job Fair for county jobs would not work in Fayette County

Westmoreland County Commissioners held a job fair.

This would not work in Fayette County because many of the jobs are filled before being posted.  As you know, it is called political paybacks. Who is harmed by this? The residents of Fayette County because, at times, unqualified people get the job. Oh yes, the person meets the minimum job qualifications but given what the minimum is that is not hard to do.  Too often a position becomes available and before it is posted and advertised a name is heard around the courthouse and yes that’s the one hired.   Don’t get me wrong some hires are good hardworking ethical individuals but some are not. Very sad and pitiful.

And no this post is not harassment, not retaliation, not creating a hostile work environment, not a shot against fellow commissioners and some row officers but instead is my opinion based on facts and my right to say.

2 thoughts on “Job Fair for county jobs would not work in Fayette County”

  1. This type of political BS has been going on in Fayette County for decades, it was mostly done by the demoncratic party and still is, ie you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours. I was a democrat most of my life until I saw what that bunch of crooks are doing now and have been doing in the past. It’s too bad that the general population is casting a blind eye as to what is taking place in our County where drugs and corruption seem to be a mainstay.

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