@ Commissioners Meeting (Sept)

I’ve been asked if the venue where Commissioner Vince Vicites holds his re-election campaign events known as Gus’ Pub is the same who was hired as the part-time HR Billing/Benefits Coordinator starting this Monday.  The answer is yes.  The agenda listed the name as Daniel Gerard.  The agenda (and resolution) also failed to list the hourly rate of $11.26.

While another agenda simply read “consider approval of the conveyance of land at the Fayette Co Business Park to Menard, Inc.” The actual resolution passed (but not stated at the meeting) included more information such as being approx 80 acres at a purchase price of $1,764,441.   The Fayette County Redevelopment Authority, not the commissioners, garnered this new project.  Candidates, Lohr and Vicites are just talking because their election is around the corner.

Concerning the new prison, although Russ Rhodes, WMBS talk show host and spouse of Commissioner Dave Lohr’s chief of staff announced on Tues that he spoke with Lohr after the meeting and learned that we voted to hire an architect for the new prison, that is incorrect.  The architect was voted upon at our July commissioners meeting.  Our Tues Sept meeting we approved the terms of the contract.  I received some calls asking if we had changed architects given Russ’ remarks. Hope this clears it up.

And finally, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted.  And I will again say it…does not matter if not adhered to by staff, Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board.


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