7 night Caribbean Cruise paid by taxpayers

Yes, Commissioner Vince Vicites and Commissioner Dave Lohr approved a 7 night Caribbean Cruise.  The cost of $14,366.73 included hotel, airfare, cruise & seminar.

A local blog wrote about this a while back.

Read it here http://julietoye.com/Coroner_Cruise.html

Readers of that blog asked me if it was true.  Yes, it is true & the documents posted are accurate.  More recently, that blog questioned confirmation of payment. Here it is. Payment Req   approved

The requisition for reimbursement was submitted for commissioner approval.  When I raised concern both before the trip and after, the one commissioner whited his name out. However, the requisition went through later and as per the above shows payment. Nothing gets paid without 2 commissioner approvals.  The payment was through the General Fund using the vital statistic improvement grant.

They will say seminars are allowable expenses which can be used from this type of fund.   Does that justify taking money from the fund for a seminar that took place on a 7 night Caribbean Cruise? No.   Is allowing it being fiscally responsible? No.

They will say that as commissioners we do not have a say on how the money given to Fayette County through the vital statistic improvement grant is spent.  That is not correct. We have direct and indirect control of spending.

Yearly, departments and elected officials meet with the commissioners to form their budget.   Every department/office receives county funds and some receive extra funding through state & federal grants.   The department heads & elected officials request funds to operate their office.  We offset expenses from the General Fund for those offices that receive these extra monies.   We go through each line item with them and we discuss what they will be receiving and how they will be spending it.

Every year you hear Fayette County Commissioners talk about the hours they spent in preparing the budget going over each and every line item.  And how they are fiscally responsible and how after the budget is adopted they continue throughout the year to monitor it keeping everything in check.

You can allow them to double talk this like they double talked paying a financial consultant more than a million dollars.  Heck, they may even go back on the local talk show or get a reporter to write a story that says an association conducted the seminar & may say seminars are allowable expenses so why not go?  They may say it is the state’s fault for not placing restrictions on seminars. Who knows what their excuses will be?  Regardless of the anticipated double talk, excuses, pointing the fingers elsewhere just know that Fayette County does not have two fiscally responsible commissioners with Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr.




7 thoughts on “7 night Caribbean Cruise paid by taxpayers”

  1. How dare you use taxpayers money for your personal trips. Demand that you all pay us back or we will remember this election time!

  2. The cruise was not paid by county monies. That came out of the money the coroners office gets from the state each year. And that course was also approved by the attorney generals office. The fund also says what the office was allowed to use the money for and that was all approved.

  3. If Mr. Lohr and Mr. Vicites are going on a cruise that is rude and selfish of both of them and they’re probably paying with all the taxpayers dimes. My taxes keep going up and up, and you can’t even make payments on certain taxes on the new batch due before 12/31/19. They bring the Steak house here, but it’s still not registered online as located in Uniontown, PA, so as to order and pick lunch up. The lousy Internet service is still in terrible condition, and I have a contract for the bill to stay the same, but it still keeps inching its way up every month. Atlantic Broadband needs more competition.

  4. Where in the realm of the Fayette County Coroners Office will anyone of them need to deal with Abortions, Stem Cell research, HIPPA ( their dead you know), or Medical Malpractice. These were the topics of the “training”.

    And the biggest misconception is when the news media states the Coroner performed an Autopsy!
    Unless the “coroner” is a patholigist he is NOT performing autopies, and there is not one in the Fayette County Coroners Office!

    All autopsies performed on Deaths in Fayette County are done in Pittsburgh, which is another taxpayer expense.

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