Christmas Tree Recycling – 3rd time a charm ?

See article on the benefits of Christmas tree recycling

For the 2017 year I made arrangements for this to happen for Fayette County but when I sent it on to the other 2 commissioners (Vicites/Lohr) they would not agree. Commissioner Lohr, at first, wrote back saying ok then 2 hours later wrote back saying he changed his mind. Commissioner Vicites would not agree with me at the onset. I tried again for 2018. Nothing. So I will attempt this one more time for 2019. Lets see if the 3rd time is a charm. If not, hopefully a New Board of Commissioners come 2020 will consider my suggestion and do as I’ve always done which is ….”Make decisions for the right reasons & in the best interest of the County”

Other county’s do this yet Fayette does not. See Westmoreland County & Washington County