Monday’s Public Meeting recommended the new voting system

On Monday, September 23, 2019, the Fayette County Board of Elections (Angela Zimmerlink, Mark Mehalov, Matthew Jaynes) voted unanimously to recommend to the Fayette County Board of Commissioners to purchase new voting equipment from Dominion Voting.

Timeline of events

Throughout 2018 to present  Election Bureau staff and county commissioners attended various conferences at which time vendors displayed and/or demonstrated voting systems

1st quarter 2019  Election Bureau staff invited the certified vendors to their office for demonstrations

June 2019 Election Bureau hosted a 2-day public event (Friday/Saturday) for the certified vendors to demonstrate their voting system

September 23, 2019 Election Board held a public meeting and voted to recommend the Dominion Voting system. Also, the Board of Elections, via memo, requested that the Board of Commissioners to either hold a special meeting soon or at its October meeting enter into an agreement with the company so that the election bureau can prepare for this undertaking which includes staff training, election day worker training, and voter training. Both the resolution & memo will be provided to the BOC on Wed 9/25/19 (to read the resolution and the memo contact the election office).    Sheryl Heid, assistant county solicitor, normally attends the election board meetings and she was present for this one. Jack Purcell, a county solicitor, attended this meeting as well.

What’s next?

The Board of Commissioners, at a public meeting, will either accept the recommendation of the Election Board or will select another vendor/voting system and will need to enter into a contract for purchase either negotiating the price directly or using the CoStars Program. The DOS recommends using the CoStars program, and the BOC will need to determine if this will be an Outright Purchase or a 10-year Managed Service Agreement.

Also, funds will need to be placed in the upcoming 2020 general fund budget. The budget must be adopted by December 31, 2019. The DOS indicated that counties must procure new voting systems by December 31, 2019.

Additional Information 

Both newspapers were aware of this public meeting but neither attended. Accordingly, there was nothing in either newspaper.

Vendors were Clear Ballot, Dominion Voting, ES&S, Hart, Unisyn. For more information

Members of the Election Board  The 3 county commissioners are the 3 election board members EXCEPT when commissioners are on the ballot. In this case 2 of the 3 are on the ballot (Vicites and Lohr). Accordingly, Mark Mehalov is serving in Vicites place and Matthew Jaynes is serving in Lohr’s place.

As per CCAP, pursuant to the DOS, counties must replace equipment by April 2020, but many are moving more quickly (or have moved already) to have equipment in place by November 2019 to enable a roll-out in a municipal election rather than a Presidential primary

Funding As per CCAP, counties seek funding from the state and federal government for equipment replacement – any dollars counties spend that does not come from state or federal funds will be property tax dollars.