@ the Prison Board Meeting

Under Public Comment it was asked why the Agenda for this meeting was not posted on the county website.  I do not know how many more times I can talk about the importance of uploading Agenda’s for Public Meetings to the website.  It was promptly said by the chief county solicitor Jack Purcell that while it is not required to be made public it is a good idea.  Again, it is a matter of a few clicks. It needs to be placed on the meeting page and the calendar.  This meeting agenda like today’s Salary Board Meeting Agenda should have been uploaded.   It was touted by fellow Commissioners the “new and improved website”. Yes it now has new bells & whistles but like I’ve said its the content that matters.

Also asked was the status of the RFP for the new jail.  FYI, some prison board members interviewed the vendors. The vendors were  CDI Architects Group dba LR Kimball, Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates, Desmone Architects, Pieper Obrien Herr Architects, STV Architects & Engineers, USA Architects and Vitetta  (two returned for 2nd interviews which were LR Kimball and Pieper Obrien)

Finally, the Warden stated his need for a van and wished to use the funds set aside to purchase a body scanner.  While I agree that a van could be purchased once funds are designated I still want the body scanner purchased, installed and used.  For far too long, the excuse given as to why we do not have inmate work release program and inmate work program is because they fear contraband.  As I have said before and continue to say there are ways to minimize the contraband as we have all discussed several times.  The work programs need to be utilized.