Fayette County Housing Authority board members and others need to step up to the plate

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The housing authority solicitor in response to a citizen questioning housing authority board attendance said, according to the newspaper, that the county commissioners oversee the authority’s board appointments. That statement implies that county commissioners stay involved once appointments are made by “overseeing” and that is incorrect.

Commissioners appoint the board members we do not “oversee” because that is the way in which HUD rules apply. It is the commissioners responsibility to appoint good members in the first place. Also, Yauger is reported as saying that there is no written attendance policy for board members. Well then write one and solve the problem. Check with your solicitor, consultants, other housing authorities etc to see the feasibility and allowable options. Don’t ignore it and don’t imply that it is up to county commissioners.

As far as having a contract that was not signed or voted upon, there is absolutely no excuse as all board members, solicitor and executive director know better. Period.

Also board members, solicitor and executive director all know when his contract was set to expire..why wait last minute? Minutes can say anything. Resolution should have spelled it out. Why have one board member negotiate ? That was the boards call (I believe the wrong call but their call) They should have also placed it on the agenda in January for the vote knowing when the contract expired.

But in the end…. don’t make excuses and don’t imply that commissioners are responsible. At least this commissioner is not. My votes are clear when appointing board members. Certain board members of this housing authority (with other political minions) tried once before to taint me by actually lying in public about me and it failed because it was a lie. Do your job as a board member or resign. Do your job as an executive director or resign . Do your job as the solicitor or terminate your contract. Do your jobs as employees.

This was taken from the Herald StandardAt its regular monthly meeting, the Fayette County Housing Authority received and accepted a favorable audit report and also held an executive session to consider its executive director’s contract, which was extended earlier this year unbeknownst to several board members.
The executive session prompted by a Perry Township resident who attended the meeting distributing paperwork that she obtained through a Right-to-Know request showing that authority Executive Director Mark Yauger’s current annual salary is $138,000. That marked a 15% increase from his previous salary of $119,381 per the terms of a five-year employment agreement effective Jan. 1, 2019 signed by Yauger and board Chairman Harry Fike.
The contract stipulations include a monthly car allowance of $650 for Yauger to be adjusted annually at the board’s discretion, and six weeks of vacation annually.

In December 2017, the board in a 4-0 vote approved retaining Yauger for another five-year period at the end of his first employment agreement.
Board member Beverly Beal said in December 2017 that the board wanted to look at the current contract as well as the new proposed contract prior to approving it, according to the minutes from that month’s meeting.
But Beal and fellow board member Joyce Nuccetelli said they did not see the new contract, which Newmeyer questioned the legality of since it did not come before the board for a vote.
Yauger said he negotiated the terms of the contract with Fike at the board’s direction, noting after the meeting that the matter was a misunderstanding that he wanted to see resolved to eliminate any questions about the agreement.
The board took no action on the matter following the executive session and did not discuss it further during the meeting.
Board members Ernest DeBlasio and Kerri Baker were absent from the meeting, and Newmeyer noted Baker’s chronic absences from board meetings. Baker was sworn in as the board’s tenant representative in 2016, and the board expressed concern about her infrequent meeting attendance last year.
Yauger said there were no attendance requirements for board members, and Solicitor Jeremy Davis said the county commissioners oversee the authority’s board appointments.

$ commissioner candidates spent in the Primary 2015 & the contributors

Since you’ve asked here you go ….   In order of the highest campaign expenses:

Note * Campaign Expense Reports are due the 2nd Friday before the Primary and 30 days after the Primary.  These amounts represent the total expenses/debt reported by each candidate for both campaign expense reports which means for the Primary.

Pat Lion reported expenses and unpaid debt of $24,676

Al Ambrosini reported expenses 16,155 (plus $30,000 unpaid debt is a loan to self listing  election debt for 2010 and 2011 which is odd given his only prior election was in 2011)

Dave Lohr reported expenses and unpaid debt of $7,590 (in addition lists In Kind Contribution from Pat Lion of $4,000 for mailers & $80 from Susan Sickle WMBS radio time)

Vince Vicites reported expenses and unpaid debt of $8,815

Angela Zimmerlink reported expenses of $5,126 (no unpaid debt)

Evelyn Hovanec reported expenses of $2,045 (no unpaid debt reported)

Now some of you may have noticed a slight change in this blog post. Since posting the other day I’ve been asked to update my blog to include significant contributors because neither newspaper reported the names and their associations.

Airport tenants and/or current or former airport board members –  Gary Sobek , Matt Thomas, Joe Maher

Current or former vendors of the county:   Charles Friedlander,  former county retirement pension fund ;  Gary Sefchok, current health benefits contractor,  Frank Ricco, (ricco bus lines) ;   Rob Sleighter, Engineer;  John Garlow, Ford Business Machines, Cory Johnson,  Zelenkofske Axelrod county auditors from Harrisburg

Miscellaneous   Friends of Harry Fike, (housing authority board member) ;  Harry Joseph housing authority board member; James Davis, law firm representing housing authority;  Friends of Jack Heneks, (current DA) ;  Ken Burkley former county solicitor,  Fred Ziegler, Mike Ward, political consultant; and numerous union PACs