New Seasons – Address opioid etc with programs that work


3pm today Wed Oct 9th … Tune in Wmbs Radio 590 am or 101.1 FM  to hear about the Opioid Crisis (with emphasize on helping veterans) and the programs that work

If you think Fayette County has turned the corner on this issue you are mistaken.  If you believe the incumbent county commissioners & what is said radio ads etc that he has worked the past 4 years in helping to solve the problem you are mistaken.

Read my post of Sept 18, 2019  but more importantly TUNE IN TODAY

How could Commissioners Vicites & Lohr say this with a straight face? Their wasteful spending of tax $$ and taking FACT buses away from other routes

Commissioners Vince Vicites and Dave Lohr attempted to explain their fiscally irresponsible actions during a recent candidate forum.  They were asked about the FACT buses transporting MATP consumers to Carmichaels, Greene County, to the Greene Treatment Center for opioid addiction.(Fayette Treatment Center LLC dba Greene Treatment Center).

We as Commissioners can take action to have New Seasons included in the “in network”. New Seasons treats opioid addiction but because New Seasons is not “in network” patients receiving medical assistance cannot use New Seasons treatment center. Even Gov Wolf’s Press Release says MATP requirements need changed.  Because of Vicites & Lohr, many patients are driven to Greene County on FACT buses which is a longer drive, more fuel & more cost. Plus these trips takes the FACT buses away from other routes which  serve other residents. New Seasons is located on Route 51 Uniontown and the FACT bus drives right past it on the way to Greene County.

Commissioner Dave Lohr at the forum said he told New Seasons to connect with Highlands Hospital.  Listen Commissioner Lohr… New Seasons wishes to be an “in network” provider.  Connecting with Highlands Hospital does not accomplish that.

Commissioner Vince Vicites at the forum claimed that other counties look to Fayette County when choosing programs etc. Really?  Why would counties look to Fayette when Fayette is at the bottom of the list?

Why do Vicites and Lohr send patients to this Greene County facility?  James Jones, owner and James Zalar, project director gave $5,150 in campaign contributions as reported.   ($5000 to Lohr and $150 to Vicites this reporting period)

Vicites said zero county tax $ used for MATP. While he is correct that MATP is state money why would he want to waste state money that comes in Fayette County?  County tax $ does pay for FACT operations (state & federal pays too)  2019 county general fund budget paid $200,000.  In 2016 we paid $150,000 and in 2017 paid $250,000 and in 2018 paid $250,000

Commissioners Vicites and Lohr should not waste any tax dollars regardless if it is county, state or federal.  They claim they are fiscally conservative and want to run the county like a business.  Neither of them should be re-elected.

Attend the “Learn the truth about Fayette County’s substance abuse epidemic” by attending event at New Season, 1023 Pittsburgh Road, Uniontown, on Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm-10pm.



Support MATP & waste $326,000 plus at the same time

PA counties are scrambling to issue Resolutions in support SB 390/HB 986 that would delay the implementation of MATP (medical assistance transportation) brokerage model. Why? Because in June 2018, in the final hours of passing the State Budget the state legislature adopted HB 1677 which directs DHS (Dept Human Services) to provide MATP through a state/regional brokerage system.  Counties say having a state/regional brokerage system would negatively impact current programs.  I agree that a delay should be implemented and while in Harrisburg I (and Vicites/Lohr)advocated as such.

Now the double-standard.

Fayette County, using FACT buses, transports MATP riders to Greene County at a cost of more than $326,000 through 2018 rather than using a Fayette County facility.  State law requires patients must have access to an In-Network provider within a 60 minute drive.  Fayette County meets this requirement by driving patients to Polaris (Fayette Co) and to Greene Treatment Center (Greene Co).   Why waste tax dollars, take FACT buses away from other trips, have patients on a FACT bus for a longer time and actually ride right pass New Seasons in Fayette Co?

New Seasons (located on Rt 51) could be designated as an In Network facility thus eliminating the need for FACT buses to drive to Greene County.

I have heard so many excuses it is mind boggling.  Commissioner Vicites said “its not that far” when FACT staff discussed the cost and tying up FACT buses.  Both Commissioners Vicites and Lohr said they do not want another meth clinic in Fayette Co yet both are waiting for the 2nd Polaris (Rt 119) to open its doors.

Political decisions continue to be made in Fayette County.  Only with a new Board of Commissioners in January 2020 can things change because I can never get a 2nd vote or a 2nd commissioner to make decisions for the Right Reasons & In the best interest of our County.