Political Decisions – Fayette County Commissioners Vicites Lohr – You Decide

Commissioners meeting today. (July 18, 2019)

One unfortunate item was the appointment of a person to the Fayette County Industrial Board.  As said at the meeting only one person sent a letter of interest, that being, the Mayor of Belle Vernon Gerald Jackson. Yes it was an unanimous vote as there was no one else to consider. Anyone besides me believe that residents have given up sending in their letters knowing that it does not matter because the “fix is already in”?  And why was the invitation to submit a letter done for this position but not for the recent past?  Yes I made comment at that time that we should have welcomed letters but it fell on the deaf ears of fellow Commissioners Vicites/Lohr. My opinion? They don’t want your participation.

Then we had the awarding of the architectural/engineering firm for the new jail.  Some prison board members interviewed  7 firms and RL Kimball & Pieper OBrien were listed as the top 2 and from there RL Kimball was awarded the work.  At an agenda meeting I indicated to solicitor Jack Purcell that once the award is done before “he negotiates the price” (as the other two commissioners would like him to do) I said that we must discuss. I later heard that Commissioner Vicites said that such a discussion would be in violation of the Sunshine Law. Now those words from his mouth most certainly is hilarious.  As far as  announcing  campaign contributions before voting you only need to read my other posts or look for yourself to see if campaign contributions were given and accepted by this firm or any other.

Finally we have the awarding of FACT Bus towing services.  I learned a few days ago that one commissioner (Vicites) instructed the Fact office initiate this proposal.  Only 2 vendors responded.  The current vendor and a new vendor.  Because the scope of work involved the FACT staff attempted to do their due diligence by contacting the new vendor for further info etc.  Soon a call was made to Vicites who in turn stopped FACT and instead got solicitor Jack Purcell  involved. Why?  There was no legal questions that needed answered. The staff simply was doing their job and wanted to inquire from this prospective new vendor its capabilities. Everything was halted (I learned later).  So at todays meeting  the current towing vendor discussed his qualifications etc.   When it came time for the vote Vicites turned to Jack Purcell who then went into his review.  Now this is a RFP not a bid. A bid you must give to the lowest “responsible” bidder.  For a RFP other factors besides price is considered. Long story short this is how it went……

Zimmerlink moved to award Professional Auto Service towing for small buses and Burnworth Towing for large buses for a one year term …… Died for lack of a second

Vicites then said he uses the same process for RFP as for bids rarely deviating……. (that’s funny)  so Vicites then Moved to award Professional Auto for all towing for 2 years……Died for lack of a second…..Yes readers Lohr did not 2nd Vicites Motion.  But dont get excited no doubt it was previously discussed as Vicites looked good to the one vendor while saving face.  Lohr then made a Motion to award all towing to Professional Auto for 1 year…. Vicites agreed and the Motion passed 2-1.

To determine which local company could handle the large bus tows and the small bus tows why not split it and revisit it in a year?  Even the solicitor and FACT staff agreed that would be a viable solution.

So why was there Commissioner interference?  See this re elect photo……….   Voters & Taxpayers You Decide and remember it this November election