Fayette County Commissioners need to explain to taxpayers NOW – Zelenkofske Axelrod paid but no report given?

The auditing firm has been paid $17,000  invoices reqs checks.  But where’s the report?  This is wrong on so many levels.

By letter dated August 24, 2018 …Yes 2018 Zelenkofske Axelrod set forth an engagement between them and Fayette County regarding the Tax Claim Fund of Fayette County. Read the letter Aug ZA engagement ltr

About 30 days later, September 20, 2018, 2 commissioners (Lohr/Vicites) voted to enter into the agreement, for an amount not to exceed $17,000. See MinutesMinutes

Understanding it takes time to complete the task, I waited for about 6 months before, internally, asking for a copy of the report. I was told each time by the Tax Claim Bureau and Controllers Office that neither were in receipt of it.

By email of June 4, 2019, the auditing firm said they are working on it and hope to have a draft in the next 30 days. See ZA email

By handwritten note dated July 16, 2019 to Vicites/Lohr I asked if they received a copy. No response from either of them

Now more than a year later, by email of October 3, 2019, I again asked the auditing firm for a copy of the report. See ZA email

By letter of October 9, 2019, I wrote the auditing firm. See Oct letter to ZA

So ……….more than One Year later this is we were are:
1. I don’t have a copy of the report despite numerous requests
2.  Tax Claim Bureau & Controllers’ Office don’t have a copy of the report
3.  Vicites/Lohr refuse to respond whether they have a copy of the report
4. The auditing firm has refused to respond to me since June 4, 2019
5. The auditing firm submitted 4 invoices throughout this timeframe
6. Vicites/Lohr approved the 4 payments to the auditing firm
7. The controllers’ office & the computer system confirms invoices reqs checks
8. TheAug ZA engagement ltr states their findings in the “report will be addressed to the County of Fayette Board of Commissioners and Tax Claim Bureau”

Questions being asked by me AND should be asked by you
1. Why has the auditing firm refused to respond?
2. Why have both commissioners refused to respond?
3. Why did 2 commissioners (and county staff) process the last invoice without a report in hand?
4. Why did the county pay the last invoice without receiving the completed work i.e the Report?

As of today October 23, 2019 @ 2:35 pm the Tax Claim Bureau is not in receipt of the report; I am not in receipt of the report; the auditing firm has not responded to me; neither of my fellow commissioners responded.

So what, if anything, will be done?