Lohr & Vicites Not fiscally responsible spending tax dollars

Fayette Co Commissioners Dave Lohr & Vince Vicites claim in their re-election materials that they are fiscally conservative, monitor the budget daily, run county government like a business & operate efficiently.

Checks issued to Susquehanna Accounting & Consulting Solutions                  2012-2015                                                                                                                 (Ambrosini, Zapotosky, Zimmerlink)     in a 4 year term $176,453.48                  2012    $48,815.52                                                                                                                          2013 $44,318.76                                                                                                                    2014 $57,995.20                                                                                                                    2015 $25,324

2016-current  (Vicites, Lohr, Zimmerlink)  $957,855.23 & still 8 mths to go 2016 $123,513.06                                                                                                                   2017 $334,323.92                                                                                                                  2018 $388,928.81                                                                                                                  2019 $111,089.44    (only Jan-March)

** Do not allow Vicites/Lohr to explain their way out of this or have this vendor attempt to do the same.  The county pays an hourly rate, travel, lodging & meals.

Their explanation for the amount in 2016 was that the 2015 budget was reopened & needed much work blaming prior administration & two former staff. Yes the budget was reopened. At the beginning of all new Terms new commissioners can (and should) reopen it but while some changes were made in the budget (which should have been made) there was some work unnecessarily redone and blamed on a local accounting firm. We all met back then and this local firm proved them incorrect having Lohr apologizing to them for the false blame.

*** Do not allow them to explain away the 2017 and 2018 payments they approved.  SACS performs some tasks that county staff and elected officials can and should be doing as admitted by SACS to me.

Susquehanna (formerly Weiss Group) has been under contract since 2002 (before my time) .

Comp Time for staff “out of hand”   Vicites said “we need to get a handle on this”  Lohr said “I agree”  both been saying this for 3 years 4 months yet they continue to approve comp time, “for some“, via text, email, verbal with no appropriate justification.

And let’s not forget the more than $300,000 wasted by using FACT buses to transport MATP patients to a Greene County treatment center rather than using an available one in Fayette County. (read my other post)

What can be done to stop this & so much more.?……..Do not re-elect Lohr and Vicites.  Lohr’s 4 year term has been nothing but rubber stamping Vicites’ decisions. Vicites 20 years in office has not “Moved Fayette Forward” and he has not been “at work for Fayette County’s future” Statistics do not lie. Fayette Co has been at the bottom of the list for years.  Who has had the majority rule during this time?   Vicites with former commissioners and most recently Vicites and Lohr.