590 am & 101.fm WMBS radio Russ Rhodes talk show host should reveal his bias

So it continues with Russ Rhodes the talk show host of the local Fayette County WMBS radio show giving his snide remarks about me. When Rhodes makes his comments against me and favorable to Commissioner Dave Lohr, Rhodes should tell the listening audience that he is biased because his wife is the administrative assistant turned a few months before the election his “chief of staff” with a $2300 non-budgeted taxpayer funded raise. Yes Rhodes does not like me but I could not care less. I speak the truth about what goes on in Fayette County and what goes on within the commissioners office (staff) and in the circles of Fayette County and I have documentation that cannot be disputed. Grievances, lawsuits or whatever will not keep this Commissioner quiet.

WMBS radio talk show host Inaccurate and Biased

RUSS RHODES WMBS radio talk show host spoke today about the 3 sitting commissioners praising the other 2 while taking jabs at me. Rhodes inaccurately said that I do not support getting Grants for our County (Resolutions, Signatures on grants, row officers & staff can prove otherwise). Rhodes also said that I was not business friendly saying I don’t work with companies concerning regulations (what the heck is he talking about) Rhodes also said that there have been lawsuits against me but fails to mention the numerous suits /claims naming Judges, Row Officers, Commissioners and the County.

That is very convenient for Russ Rhodes to take an approach favorable to the 2 seated commissioners given that Russ’s wife is employed by the county as Lohr’s assistant… Oh sorry not assistant she and Vicites assistant both recently got a title change from assistant to Chief of Staff that came with a $2200 raise each. When Russ Rhodes talks about the commissioners and Lohr as a commissioner candidate listeners know that he certainly is biased…..let alone inaccurate.

Hoping that voters elect 3 new people to fill the 3 seats of commissioners.